Public Speaking

Motivational Speaking

Bring in some inspiration and encouragement, laced with a lot of giggles, for your next get together. With laughter, authenticity, and excitement, I will build up your team, energize your group, and brighten up your next meeting. It’s all about the delivery, audience interactions, and enjoyment of the presentation that turn the just-another-planning-meeting meeting into a friendly gathering.

Time Management = Productivity

Time is our most valuable asset, it’s the only commodity we cannot make more of. Which makes it important to manage it wisely. Using the right tools, executing the plan accordingly, and designing a place of calm creates the foundation for a dynamic workplace, home, and life. Let me teach your team how to show up ready to become a powerhouse of productivity and success.


Extraordinary Goal Setting

This topic explores the vision we have for our lives: Created to help set goals which fit into the bigger picture, explore, then decide which goals are most meaningful (or exciting!) We will look at goal ecology, obstacles, success boosters, and move to take action. Here is what you’ll take away:
• Creating a Grand Vision for Your Life
• Add Real Value to Your Goal Plan
• Goal Ecology & Motivation
• Identifying Obstacles
• From Start to Action!

Planning Your Best Year

Do you simply exist, work hard day after day, and resent the very things you used to enjoy?  Feel like you can’t seem to reach that next level?
The only sure-fire way to  move up is to spend some time reviewing your wins and planning your strategy for the coming months.
For your Best Year Ever, Start TODAY:
• Review & Celebrate
• Your Year At a Glance
• Create Do-Able Tasks
• Understand The Living Document

Steps To Success Blueprint

Each day begins in the same manner. Upon opening your eyes, you’ll choose the purpose of the day. You’ll decide how you’ll face the lessons and their objectives. What you decide at that moment will allow you to better focus your attention and motivation.
To create a Blueprint for Success you move through 5 steps:
• Focus on what’s important
• Plan one task at a time
• Breathe deeply
• Accept change
• Know your limits

Anything, Not Everything

Lack of time? Or lack of priority? The key to time management is knowing your limitations.  Have you evaluated your priorities? Have you honestly assessed your time spending?

We’re all familiar with how our bank accounts work. Deposits and withdrawals. Your time is the same. Choosing to spend it wisely makes you a good steward of your Time Account.

• Thoughts & Actions = deposits & withdraws
• Improvement = growth
• Accountability = balance


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