What I Do

I am in the business of helping people. Helping those who struggle with time management, goal setting, and focus. If you are looking for support, encouragement, guidance, and motivation, then I am here to help you to achieve a clearer path, more defined goals, offer a good swift kick in the pants to get you going, and walk with you in your Discovery of Joy.

A Journey for Truth

I want to be surrounded by people who tell their stories from the trenches. By the ones who talk about their struggles in their marriages. Who share their fears for their kids.
I love the people who admit their counters are clean only because they shoved all the stuff in a drawer.
I need to be with people who don’t cringe when I tell the truth and don’t judge me when I fall. I want friendships that fill me up. Relationships that anchor me down. People that love me as I am.

Are you ready to join me on this Journey for Truth?

A Leap of Faith

People are my passion, I believe in people. I believe in their capacity to grow, to heal, to change, to succeed, and to affect those around them for the better. To tap into that potential, I strive to help people belong. I hold true to the idea that through believing and belonging individuals then have a clear path before them to become the person they aspire to be.

Are you ready to take a leap of faith?

A Discovery of Joy

I’m in the business of helping people grow, belong, and believe in themselves through honesty and awesomeness. With real life adventures and true tales of hope I walk along side in the adventures of opportunity, healing, and belonging. Discovering the joy in everyday life, I’m making this world a little more fun one person at a time.

Are you ready for your Discovery of Joy?

Development Coaching

Coaching provides a safe haven for the much needed pausing and reflecting while helping align your goals, plans, and actions. When you know without a doubt exactly what you are doing, why you are doing it and how your vision is changing the world, you become an unstoppable source of power!

Coaching allows you to have:

  • More productive goal setting
  • Improved business and personal relationships
  • Deeper fulfillment
  • Better team management

Speaking Engagements

Courage is stepping out into the unknown… Bravery is confidently doing it again and again.

Offering topics that motivate, encourage, inspire, and promote an atmosphere of creativity, teamwork, and success!


  • Ignite the fire behind the mission, the vision, and the values
  • Develop logical and strategic plans
  • Create tools to assure viability

Workshops & Programs

Your values influence what you do, how you think, and how you feel about the world around you. Your values change over time – and develop as you change. Through games, laughter, and activities we will discover what motivates and drives you.

What is a Workshop?
• A masterclass in learning the tools and methods used to successfully transform lives
• A chance to visualize your dreams, your goals, and your motivations.
• Learning this way will change your life!

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