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My Articles

A collection of tips, stories, ideas, thoughts, and the general awesomeness that is who I am and what I do. Enjoy! And share!

Moments Made of Glass

Fragile Moments I watched as the mug slipped from my fingers. Feeling time slow down to give me a glimpse of the details in the seconds to come; allowing me to view each millisecond as it passed. It fell slowly to the tile floor, and collapsed on itself before...

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Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom. Weird phrase, when you think about it. But really, what does it mean? For me, it means, I’ve hit a point in this part of my life where the only place left is up. Or in some cases, looking up and waiting for God to drop down a ladder and get me out of the...

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Worry Is A Twisted Form of Control

I worry. A lot. About everything. My control over a situation in which I have none. Those that have full-time jobs outside of the home, it seems as if the phone calls never stop. The “In Box” is never empty. The “Out Box” never gets full. There is always more filing...

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I Have Permission

I am giving myself permission this year.
Permission to make mistakes, permission to have bad days, permission to fail, permission to get it wrong.

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Power Word for 2016

Just the thought of making and being accountable for goals used to terrify me. But goals don’t have to monstrous, they can be small and simple, too.

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30 Days of Thanksgiving

30 Days Hath November- Hence 30 Days of Thanksgiving There were 30 days in November and I found 30 specific things to be thankful for. Each day had a multitude of things to be thankful for, but I wanted to go a little deeper each day than the standard daily gratitude....

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Sacrifies, Choices, and Dreams

That distinct moment when you figure out what you want to be when you grow up. The split second later when you’re slammed with the reality of what it will take to get there. Dreams and reality rarely coordinate, rarely communicate. They collide and crash, explode and erupt. They fight, they clash, they wrestle with each other trying to win in our minds.

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Silence is Golden

Unexpected peace. A stillness, calm. Overwhelming vastness of the ocean surrounded me, engulfed me, showed me it’s power, it’s potential. It welcomed me, hugged me, and surprised me with it’s quiet.

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