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Are you a Hot Mess?

Do you have trouble staying focused?

Do you struggle with clutter & organization?


Would you like to be more efficient? Ready to increase your productivity? Want more free time for fun?


Here you’ll find tips for organization, ideas for motivation, tools for productivity, and if needed…

a good, swift, kick in the butt!





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What I Am Best At

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Development Coaching

Coaching provides a safe haven for the much needed pausing and reflecting while helping align your goals, plans, and actions. When you know without a doubt exactly what you are doing, why you are doing it and how your vision is changing the world, you become an unstoppable source of power!

Coaching allows you to have:

  • More productive goal setting
  • Improved business and personal relationships
  • Deeper fulfillment
  • Better team management

Motivational Speaking

Courage is stepping out into the unknown… Bravery is confidently doing it again and again.

Offering topics that motivate, encourage, inspire, and promote an atmosphere of creativity, teamwork, kindness, and success!

  • Ignite the fire behind the mission, the vision, and the values
  • Develop logical and strategic plans
  • Create tools to assure viability




Workshops & Programs

Your values influence what you do, how you think, and how you feel about the world around you. Your values change over time – and develop as you change. Through games, laughter, and activities we will discover what motivates and drives you.

What is a Workshop?
• A masterclass in learning the tools and methods used to successfully transform lives
• A chance to visualize your dreams, your goals, and your motivations.
• Learning this way will change your life!

Pinterest Management

Did you know that Pinterest is a powerful driver of traffic and leads that you can use for your online business? Pinterest has 250 million+ monthly users and is the second biggest driver of all online sales. Pinterest is the low-maintenance strategy that is an easy way to create a steady stream of free, targeted traffic to your website.

How can you Use Pinterest for Business?
• Get noticed 
• Drive traffic to your site
• Grow your list with ideal clients

What People Are Saying

She has proven to be an absolute rock star, and I’m enjoying the work that she does! Because of Katy’s determination to make me succeed, along with her complete respect for my dignity, a real and authentic transformation has happened.


Youth Leader

I highly recommend Katy Kortegast as a Personal Coach. She is naturally compassionate, honest and loyal. Coaching comes naturally to her, and she was able to exhibit this for me on a weekly basis.
She personally assisted me with multiple goals and was very helpful and an exceptional advisor.


Career Advisor, Zeiders Interprises

Katy Kortegast was my Personal Coach after losing my job. She allowed me to follow my heart and gave me the tools to see that I was already doing what I wanted to do. She showed me that I just needed to find the right place. She showed me how to make a plan, set a goal and work till I succeeded. Working with her is a pleasure.
Katy is a bright and personable individual, she met and exceeded all the expectations I had set for her.


Health & Fitness Coach


What the Mice Taught Me – Part 2
What the Mice Taught Me – Part 2

As I walked in, I saw my daughter standing there, staring at the mess I had created. I had strewn the empty pieces of my life across the floor of the office for her to find. That’s just what they had become, empty pieces of my life. Why had I chosen to lock myself in the office going through dusty boxes?

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What the Mice Taught Me-Part 1
What the Mice Taught Me-Part 1

What the mice taught me… Confession time: I struggle with clutter. This is a long story, so I broke it into two parts. Stay with me, it’s a good one! I walked towards the door and visions of mice all over my food swept through my mind. But thankfully, mice are nocturnal creatures and my pantry was not infested. At the moment.

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Moments Made of Glass
Moments Made of Glass

Fragile Moments I watched as the mug slipped from my fingers. Feeling time slow down to give me a glimpse of the details in the seconds to come; allowing me to view each millisecond as it passed. It fell slowly to the tile floor, and collapsed on itself before...

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